We will follow all guidelines/mandates from the state/CDC/local BOH – as these change so may our policies. There are sanitizer stations throughout all buildings. All buildings will be fogged every night.

- Masks that cover your nose and mouth are mandatory for everybody over age 2 inside all buildings – NO EXCEPTIONS – except when you are seated at a table actively eating/drinking. Having a drink you are sipping or a bag of snacks you are grazing does not count.

- There may once again be reduced occupancy in all buildings. If that is the case, it will take longer to get through the rental shop on program days. Depending on the limitations of lodge space, you may not be able to claim a table in the lodge for your family and hang out.

- Instructors will be able to ride the lift with their students. However, we cannot ask random adults/older kids to ride as helpers for students who need it. At the moment it does not seem that there will be restrictions for people who choose to ride together.

- Everybody must be bathroom independent, able to get dressed and undressed without help.

A big part of keeping everybody safe will fall on you. We will do everything we can do to have procedures in place to keep our guests and staff safe – but we can’t do it alone. You may or may not agree with COVID restrictions and that is your right. However, when you are on Ridge property we ask that you respect our policies and guidelines. Be patient, be kind while we navigate a different world and we can all enjoy another ski season, albeit a bit different than in the past.

Our mantra for this year – DON’T BE THE REASON TO END OUR SEASON