COVID has changed all of our lives in many ways and it remains to be seen what ski season will look like. We’ve been fortunate in the Berkshires to have been relatively lightly hit by COVID and we will do our part to keep the numbers low. We will comply with all Commonwealth, local BOH, and CDC guidelines and mandates. We are making plans – which will be adjusted as mandates change - to manage our indoor space and to put procedures in place to keep our staff and guests as safe as we are able.

But - we can't do it alone. A big part of keeping everybody safe will fall on you. You may or may not agree with COVID restrictions and that is your right. However, when you are on Ridge property we ask that you respect our policies and guidelines. Be patient, be kind while we navigate a different world and we can all enjoy another ski season, albeit a bit different than in the past.

Our mantra for this year – DON’T BE THE REASON TO END OUR SEASON